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Birrueta & Aborjaily Present at the Latino Academy

The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) in conjunction with the William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI) invited Olivarez Madruga attorneys, Isabel Birrueta and Amerin Aborjaily, to present on ethics and empowerment in local governance at this year’s So Cal Latino Academy.  In addition to the presentation’s emphasis on the legal requirements of elected office, and important 2015 updates to conflict of interest laws, Birrueta provided practical tips to first-time electeds, stressing the importance of knowing changes in filing requirements and deadlines, and providing real life examples which demonstrate the nuances in laws pertaining to elected office.  Aborjaily hopes that local officials left the presentation with a better understanding of the important legal and ethical obligations of elected office and how those obligations will impact their roles as elected officials and as representatives of their communities.

The SVREP was founded by Willie Velasquez, who sought not only to get Latinos more involved in the voting process, but to also bring forth an active and informed electorate.  WCVI continues to ­­cultivate Velasquez’s vision by keeping both the Latino leadership and public informed about the impact of public policies and political opinions on Latinos.

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