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Terence Gallagher Defends Compton Unified School District in 21-day Trial

Lead trial attorney Terence Gallagher recently achieved a successful defense verdict on behalf of a school district client after a 21-day trial. The matter of Ismael Campos v. Compton Unified School District, et al. involved claims of negligent supervision and negligent training against Compton Unified School District following a violent fight that occurred in a high school art classroom. Contending that the art teacher was negligent in his supervision as well as in the manner of intervention during the fight and, as a result, was liable for his injuries, the Plaintiff originally sought to recover a seven-figure sum from the District. 

After completion of the lengthy trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the District, finding that the District was not liable. OMLO proudly congratulates Mr. Gallagher and the litigation team for their stellar achievements in defense of the District and for the favorable result earned through their determination and skill.

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