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Thomas Madruga and Jaime Hernández Successfully Defend Centinela Valley Union High School District in 10-Day Jury Trial

OMLO’s Thomas Madruga and Jaime Hernández achieved a successful result on behalf of a school district client following a 10-day jury trial. In Gonzalez v. Centinela Valley Union High School District, Tom and Jaime represented Centinela Valley Union High School District (“the District”) against claims of negligence following an incident in which a student assaulted another student, causing severe injuries. The Plaintiff alleged that the District failed to provide adequate security and/or failed to properly discipline the attacker for his prior instances of misconduct. The Plaintiff was seeking compensatory damages of $3.8 million for injuries he sustained during the incident.

OMLO’s litigation team successfully defended the District against these claims, arguing that the District did not violate any of its duties and bringing a cross-complaint against the student responsible for the attack. At the completion of the 10 day trial, the jury returned a verdict of 11-1 in favor of the District, finding that the District was not liable. The jury found the Cross-Defendant and perpetrator of the assault 100% liable, awarding damages to the Plaintiff as against the Cross-Defendant of more than $1.2 million. 

The hard work, experience and creativity of OMLO’s litigation team resulted in this favorable result for their client.

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