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Thomas Madruga Defends City of Inglewood in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

OMLO Partner Thomas Madruga recently achieved a dismissal for the City of Inglewood in a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the city had created a “dangerous situation” which led to the death by shooting of the Plaintiff’s son. The case, Dwight Summerfield, et al. v. City of Inglewood, included allegations that the city was negligent and contributed to unsafe conditions by not installing security cameras, lights, and signage, creating conditions that led to their son being shot by an unknown third party. Mr. Madruga filed a demurrer on behalf of the City, which was sustained with leave to amend. Plaintiffs filed a first amended complaint which was subsequently dismissed (without leave to amend) by Judge Teresa A. Beaudet of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.
Upon appeal by the Plaintiffs, the Court of Appeal reviewed the matter and affirmed the Superior Court’s judgment, finding that “appellants’ dangerous condition and negligence claims fail and the trial court did not err in declining to grant leave to amend.” OMLO proudly congratulates Mr. Madruga and the litigation team for their achievements in defense of the City.

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