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Government Advocacy and Law

“Vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty.” ~ Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers

The Firm provides representation for its clients before legislative and administrative bodies. We believe our representation before governmental entities is critical to meeting the unique needs of our clients. In particular, we advise clients about the potential impact on their operations of new or proposed legislative or regulatory developments. The Firm has a longstanding involvement with, and understanding of, pertinent legislation and regulations.

In this capacity, the Firm has crafted important legislation that is designed to improve the quality of life in our clients’ communities and improve the circumstances for all Californians. The Firm’s attorneys also pride themselves on staying abreast of legislative developments before, during, and after enactment, allowing the Firm to provide solutions often before new legal problems arise.

As such, we are uniquely qualified to provide successful government relations strategies to our clients. Leveraging our extensive contacts in local communities, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C., we are able to forge direct links between clients and policymakers, putting clients in contact with the legislators, administrators, and the staff responsible for shaping the legal landscape in California and the nation. Our attorneys have the experience to advise on legal compliance, including voting requirements, mold policy and change the legal landscape in which our clients operate.

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